October 26, The First Italian MongoDB Day — Torino

So MongoDB and a REST API go out on a picnic...

by Nicola Iarocci
Make no mistake there is going to be a REST Web API in your future as a web developer. During my talk I'll recount how MongoDB came out as the natural choice for the development of our own REST API and then for the Eve project, which is an open source Python framework to build and deploy highly customizable, fully featured RESTful Web Services. I will also show some implementation details (yes, we'll get to peek at the code) and tell about the little pitfalls that we managed to avoid along the road. Talk topics will include schema-less design, BSON, JSON, ease of deployment, and the amazing open source community that has been building around MongoDB. Nicola is a passionate full-stack developer author of a few open source projects, a MongoDB Master, and an occasional speaker at local and international conferences. He works at CIR2000 where he leads the development of the Amica 10 project.