October 26, The First Italian MongoDB Day — Torino

MongoDB, Development and You

by Mitch Pirtle
This is a hands-on case study of how the usage of MongoDB impacted the launching of a technology platform for a Turin-based startup, Sounday. Attend this talk if you have already heard about extreme scale and want to get the skinny on how MongoDB will impact your development, testing and deployment. Faster prototyping, higher importance for testing, and performance surprises abound. Mitch is a Mongo Master ( and founder of the Joomla! ( content management platform. He's currently CTO for Sounday (, where he leads development efforts mainly consisting of MongoDB, Node.js (, the Lithium framework for PHP (, and Amazon Web Services. Mitch has been launching MongoDB-powered websites for years, and is credited with launching the first production ecommerce website to rely solely on MongoDB.