October 26, The First Italian MongoDB Day — Torino

Marconi: Queuing and Notification service for OpenStack

by Flavio Percoco
Marconi is a multi-tenant cloud queuing system written in Python as part of the OpenStack project. As message bus, it’s main goals are: performance, availability, durability, fault-tolerance and scalability. This talk aims to give the audience as much information as possible about Marconi’s architecture, design, patterns, performance, issues it faced, how its MongoDB back-end works and how / why it was built from scratch.

BSON Mad Science for fun and profit

by Alessandro Molina
The talk will cover how to use BSON directly as an exchange protocol to gain speed and advanced type. BSON is the underlying serialization protocol used by MongoDB to store and represent data. Whenever we retrieve data from MongoDB we get it as BSON, then our drivers decode it just so that our web service can encode it back in JSON. We will see how to take advantage of BSON for fun and speed skipping this double step by directly fetching BSON and decoding it at client side.

GridFS: the magical storage feature of MongoDB

by Gabriele Mittica
MongoDB is not just a database. Thanks to the GridFS, a smart and ready to use component, we can easily store and serve files (small and large) with our MongoDB collections. In this speech we'll see how to start with GridFS, and how to deploy and use a reliable storing service with MongoDB. Thanks to real examples and to a deep dive into GridFS's world, we'll discover a large set of possible solutions (from backup service to media hoster) easy to deploy for each MongoDB enthusiast!

So MongoDB and a REST API go out on a picnic...

by Nicola Iarocci
Make no mistake there is going to be a REST Web API in your future as a web developer. During my talk I'll recount how MongoDB came out as the natural choice for the development of our own REST API and then for the Eve project, which is an open source Python framework to build and deploy highly customizable, fully featured RESTful Web Services. I will also show some implementation details (yes, we'll get to peek at the code) and tell about the little pitfalls that we managed to avoid along the road. Talk topics will include schema-less design, BSON, JSON, ease of deployment, and the amazing open source community that has been building around MongoDB. Nicola is a passionate full-stack developer author of a few open source projects, a MongoDB Master, and an occasional speaker at local and international conferences. He works at CIR2000 where he leads the development of the Amica 10 project.

Capacity Planning

by Massimo Brignoli
Deploying MongoDB can be a challenge if you don't understand how resources are used nor how to plan for the capacity of your systems. If you need to deploy, or grow, a MongoDB single instance, replica set, or tens of sharded clusters then you probably share the same challenges in trying to size that deployment. This talk will cover what resources MongoDB uses, and how to plan for their use in your deployment. Topics covered will include understanding how to model and plan capacity needs from the perspective of a new deployment, growing an existing one, and defining where the steps along scalability on your path to the top. The goal of this presentation will be to provide you with the tools needed to be successful in managing your MongoDB capacity planning tasks.

MongoDB, Development and You

by Mitch Pirtle
This is a hands-on case study of how the usage of MongoDB impacted the launching of a technology platform for a Turin-based startup, Sounday. Attend this talk if you have already heard about extreme scale and want to get the skinny on how MongoDB will impact your development, testing and deployment. Faster prototyping, higher importance for testing, and performance surprises abound. Mitch is a Mongo Master ( and founder of the Joomla! ( content management platform. He's currently CTO for Sounday (, where he leads development efforts mainly consisting of MongoDB, Node.js (, the Lithium framework for PHP (, and Amazon Web Services. Mitch has been launching MongoDB-powered websites for years, and is credited with launching the first production ecommerce website to rely solely on MongoDB.

Data Processing and Aggregation Options

by Matthew Bates
MongoDB easily scales to store massive volumes of data. However, when it comes to making sense of it all, what options do you have? In this talk, we'll take a look at three different ways of aggregating your data with MongoDB, and determine the reasons why you might choose one over another. No matter what your big data needs are, you will find out how MongoDB is evolving to help make sense of your data.