October 26, The First Italian MongoDB Day — Torino

List of Accepted Talks is now available

2013-10-02 11:32

The complete list of accepted talks for MongoTorino is now online and available in the Talks section.

Make sure to have a look at, there is more than one reason to participate! There is also going to be a MongoDB Users Meetup the day before MongoTorino, make sure you registered on if you want to receive the invite!

The full schedule of the event will be available on 18 October.

Call for paper open until October 1st

2013-09-24 09:55

The call for paper end has been delayed until the first of October.

If you want to submit a talk you still have time, don't miss the last week opportunity!

Location Revealed!

2013-08-01 00:01

Location for MongoTorino has finally been revealed. MongoTorino 2013 will take place in the central room of Toolboox Coworking centre in Torino.

More informations about the location can be found at the Where section, for details about Toolbox Coworking which is also one of our core sponsors have a look at

First accepted talk

2013-07-19 16:32

Very proud to have our first talk submitted after just two days after the public opening of the call for papers. You can se the description of the talk, and also the upcoming talks on Confirmed Talks!

It will be held by our old friend Flavio Percoco Premoli that nowdays is super committed on the OpenStack architecture.

Good job Flavio, waitin' for ya!

Website online!

2013-07-05 10:36

As time passed we decided to enforce ourselves a MongoTorino website release.

We know that there are some issues that need to be addressed, so we kindly ask you to have a little more patience, but we wanted to provide some public informations on the conference as soon as possible and we have been able to pack up a basic website in just a bunch of minutes between talks at the great EuroPython.

Time is going short and we are sure your probably prefer to have an incomplete website with some informations than having nothing at all!